Why winter is ripe for romancing…

Winter – it’s often the neglected season for romancing. Well, we think it’s high time that winter got its time in the sun. Here’s some of the best reasons why winter is the perfect season for courting, celebrating or rekindling a romance:

  1. Roadtrips = quality bonding time. Escape your day-to-day with a trip to the snow. Make each other a playlist of your fave tunes, play retro car-games, and really bug your partner with constantly questioning “Are we there yet?” – It’s not annoying, it’s adorable, right?
  2. Fact: Winter clothes look better on everyone. What’s sweeter than flushed cheeks peeking out of a wrapped up scarf-and-hood combo? Layers are your friend, and they’re here to make you look good.
  3. Snowball fights. Depending on where you’re at in your relationship, it can be a great way to either get flirty, or shed some pent up competitiveness.
  4. Get your heart racing, on (and off) the slopes. The endorphins will be flowing, you’ll be smiling, and hopefully you’ll have enough composure to not stack it in front of your crush.
  5. “Do you want to build a snowman?” Um, yes! Get creative, get cute – try making your better-half’s snowman doppelgänger. Word to the wise: on your head be it if they end up looking decidedly plumper than they look in real life.
  6. Treat yo’ self. There’s a bunch of world-class spas scattered around Victoria’s snow resorts. Spoil yourself (and your loved one) to an indulgent spa day. You’ll have a bank of brownie points to play around with after a full day of spa treatments!
  7. One word: fireplaces. Go on, stare lovingly into each other’s eyes over a bottle of vino. If the thought of that doesn’t make you feel mildly nauseous, good on you. If it does, it’s something to giggle about on the way home.
  8. It’s perfect cuddling up weather. Think about it – in order for you to warm up, it has to be cold outside. It’s basic chemistry. There’s no such thing as “too cold to snuggle”!
  9. You’ll sleep sounder. Your body will be regulating your temperature, and your REM cycles will be loving you for it. Bring on the sweet dreams – no more being grumpy at your partner in the morning.
  10. There’s a bunch of activities that you can only do at the snow. How about watching the sun set, chaperoned by huskys? Or ending a day on the slopes on your private balcony, lazing in the hot tub? These are the memories you’ll share forever.