Well nobody’s perfect. And your budding snowman doesn’t have to be either. It’s all about the fun you’ll have in the construction phase, and laughing at your creations together when you’re finished.

Here are a few tips to get you on way to having an (almost) perfect snowman:

  • Location, location, location –choosing a shady or sheltered spot to build your snowman will definitely prolong his snowy life.
  • Dress for it – make sure you and your little ones are wearing gloves. No one wants frost bite from making a snowman.
  • Choose the good snow – make sure it’s not too powdery, and likewise not too wet. Think like Goldilocks and make sure it’s ‘just right’. If it’s too dry, spray a fine mist of water over it– the snow needs to be ‘packable’.
  • Tried and true method – there’s a reason most snowmen are made from three snow balls in descending size from bottom to top. It works. Form the snowballs with your hands and keep adding to them. Roll each ball along the ground, flatten the top and bottom of each and place on top of the next.
  • Bring in reinforcements – if your snowman is on the larger side, pack each ball with extra snow in between, or use a stick down the middle for extra stability. Misting him with water once finished also creates an icy hard exterior for your tough guy.
  • Tools of the trade – use kitchen utensils or garden tools to sculpt out his finer features and give your snowman some style and attitude.
  • Stick to the classics – everyone knows Mr Frosty, the jolly happy soul with his button nose and two eyes made of coal. It’s a favourite for a reason, so decorate with the traditional embellishments of an old scarf, crooked hat, carrot nose and rocks for eyes (coal is rare in these parts)
  • Embellishments galore – head to the fridge for carrots, cucumbers and celery stalks. Hit the pantry for sultanas and raisins. Head outside for suitable rocks, feathers and sticks. Or raid your house for art and craft supplies, clothes and old costume jewellery.
  • Originality…bring it! – forget the classics and get imaginative. Create an Aussie version with an Akubra or cork hat, create each of your family members in snow, or make celebrity look-alikes. The kids will love icy Star Wars and Disney characters too. Hellooo Olaf!
  • Keep it clean – there’s always one in the group that has to add the ‘rude’ bits for a laugh. But remember, your fellow snow goers probably won’t appreciate an X-rated snowman.
  • Christen it, capture it and celebrate it– everyone needs a name so get inventive with your creation’s moniker. And don’t forget to take a photo or three before he melts away, then head inside for a celebratory hot chocolate.

Each of the resorts has designated snow play areas where you can create all the snowmen, women and creatures that your heart desires…whether they are perfect or not.